miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

A world without songs it's a boring world...

I Wanna Be A Millionaire

This is a great song. Talk about the be millionaire and famous... I like when says "Everytime I close my eyes I see my name in shining lights" and all dream about that!!
In life we have dirferents goals and dreams, and we need to fight to come true. So this song talk about that!! I love It!

My Favorite Place in the World... My Room

So... Is time to talk abuot my favorite place in the world, there is my bedroom... I love it, because the decoration is make by myself!
First of all, the walls of my room are purple because I love this color! Next to the door there is my desk and my computer... I spell many time here listen music. In from of the desk there is my bed, I love it! Is so soft and comfortable and so purple too lol! On my bed there is Mr. Max, my teddy bear that my friend Jon give me in my last birthday.
In from of my bed there is my TV, I just see it after work. My room have two windows, one is behind my bed and the other window is behind my hairdresser, and this is next to the bed...

And this is my room...

A week with me

Hi everyone!
In this opportunity I want to show you how is my week:

On Monday I wake up early to go to the University. Take the breakfast with friends before class, we talk for a while about our weekend and then go to class to 11:00am.
At 3:00 o'clock  I go to work at 9:00, after that I go home to sleep and relax.

I wake up late because I don't have any class so, free time to sleep lol! Then, I make my lunch because my mother is working... I don't like cook so, I make the most eaiser for cook... Pasta!
At 3:00 o'clock  I go to wor againg...

Wednesday is usually the same, go to class, do my homework, work... Sometimes at night my friends and I go to Bahia Rasta Bar to dinner or to dance \o/

Thursday!! My favorite day!! On this day, after class and work I go to MOVIES!!! Sometimes with friends and sometimes with my family! I love movies and I love this day because is half price of tickets lol!!

Friday it's the Rumba's Day!! After work we go to discos, to dance and have a good time... 

On Saturday I work half day... At 8:00am to 12:00am. After that I go to my best friend house to get ready for the night... Another Rumba's Day lol!

Sundays is to relax! Do homeworks and maybe go to friends to La Vereda or another relax place...

This is all my week!
A father and a dad are not the same:
One can be a dad and not a father,
Or one can be a father and not bother
To earn through love the more endearing name.
Some find fatherhood a bit too tame,
Leaving all the details to the mother,
Or dumping the sweet burden on another
Man with just a passing twinge of shame.
You have been our dad so many years
That you've become the landscape that is home,
The mountain that we look to from afar.
No matter where we go we're not alone,
For you remain within to still our fears
And be the word that tells us who we are.

Happy Father's Day to all that are Fathers and Friends

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


This is a very close friend. His name is Jongerard González, he is a mass comunication student and he work in a TV Program called Dale Play transmitted from Mondays to fridays at 5:30 on NCTV.

He was born in 1987, He's 24 years old. His favorite month is february, because 1fr is his Birthday and this is also his favorite day on the year! and isn't just that... Usually in February we celebrate Carnival, and we love costumes parties... His favorite day of week are Sundays, because is his free day and we can go to the movie (he love a go to the movie too, and the pop corn. lol!)

I Celebrate... \o/

I love PARTY!! I celebrate with family or friends...
My favorite day it's my BIRTHDAY!!! There is at March 16th. Usually in this day all my friends and family come to my house with a big cake and then we go out and we have a great time dancing ALL NIGHT LONG!!!
Also, my friends at the university prepare surprise for mi in this day... I love them :)

Another special day for me is Valentine's Day, a special day for all the world

In this day we are in love to everyone lol!!
You can see paper hearts, flowers and chocolates. If you have a boyfriend (or girlfriend if you are a boy), you forget any problem or discussion, and don't think in any else... Just think in a perfect gift to her or his. The last Valentine's Day my friends gave me a lot of ballons and chocolates... That was a special day for me...

VENEZUELA Independence Day
Venezuela celebrate the Independence Day at July 5th. This is a free day in all the country.
We can see around the country many of parades to celebrate this day, and fireworks at night...

To a special women... my mother!

Thank You, Mom, for Making Us

Thank you, Mom, for making us
Happy, well, and good.
All we are depends on you:
Not what you say, but what you do.
Kids know what they should,
Yet need your hands for shaping us,
Opening and waking us,
Unveiling our view.